Scrum Master meet-up: Growth path of the Scrum Master

<em class='date'>26</em><em class='month'>oct</em><em class='time'>11:00</em><em class='time'>12:00</em>Scrum Master meet-up: Growth path of the Scrum Master

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Another meetup is scheduled and this time with the topic "growth path of the Scrum Master". According to the Scrum Guide, the Scrum Master is responsible for executing the Scrum approach correctly. This is done by ensuring that the entire team adheres to Scrum theory, practices and rules. The Scrum Master provides service to the Product Owner, the Scrum team and the organization. So regardless of the content context of the team and the business, an entry-level Scrum Master performs the same tasks as a highly experienced Scrum Master. But what does a Scrum Master's growth path look like?

Bart Verhoeven, Scrum Master at KPN Tech solutions, is a very experienced Scrum Master and has been closely involved in the Agile transition within KPN. From his role, he and several other Scrum Masters within KPN designed a growth path, based on the different roles of the Scrum Master, approached across three axes; Craftmanship, Responsibility and Attitude & Behaviour. 

During this edition of the Scrum Master meet-up Bart will share how the growth path came about and what it entails. Are you looking for ways to shape this within your organization? Or are you as a Scrum Master curious about how you could develop further? Sign up quickly via the Community Officer of your organization.


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(Wednesday) 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.(GMT+02:00)

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