National Board

 IT Circle Netherlands is the national cross-sector network with valuable IT professionals focused on knowledge sharing. The national board gives a nice representation from all regions and all industries to further grow the partnership.

With the elected board, IT Circle Netherlands believes it can take great strides in its further development.

Board members

Corné Mulders - CIO a.i., HagaZiekenhuis


''I was at the very beginning of the founding of the Amsterdam IT Circle and was immediately won over by the idea. I then had the opportunity to join the boards of Utrecht and Eindhoven in subsequent positions and therefore consider it an honor that I was asked to become chairman of the national IT Circle. My passion lies in my firm belief that with knowledge and experience of others, you can grow and be successful yourself. And the IT Circles shape exactly that in a relaxed yet professional way. Together with my fellow board members and the IT Circle Netherlands organization, I'm eager to help others become even more successful!''

Simon Rientsma - Manager IT, Waternet

Vice President

"IT Circle Netherlands offers our IT professionals a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge nationwide in a low-threshold manner or even on a peek into the kitchen of another (IT) organization. The real experience of the other gives an enormous enrichment of your insights in our rapidly changing world!"

Marjolein Smeets - CIO DELTA Fiber


"Connection: the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard and valued. This involves both giving and receiving. Deriving support and strength from the relationship. That, to me, is the IT Circle".

Jan Polkerman - CTO Belastingdienst


"IT is a profession. With a trade comes professionals. Professionals share knowledge to learn from each other."

Myriam van Rooij - Director (CFO, CIO), KNMI


"There is no need to keep reinventing the wheel yourself. Of course every organization must find its own way in all IT developments, but using knowledge and experiences of others in the process can be very helpful. Provided one is open and also the less positive experiences are shared. That happens at the IT Circle."

John Adegeest - Director of ICT, CSU & Tzorg


"Only together will you get further. As a person and as an organization. Sharing knowledge is an essential part of that. The IT Circle provides an accessible platform for knowledge sharing between novice and experienced IT professionals. I believe in the growth this creates for each participant and their organization. Making this community as large and diverse as possible, accessible to all, with a wide range of topics and regular interaction provides the necessary and collaborative growth."

Cees Plug Director of Information Provision & Technology, Inholland University of Applied Sciences


''The IT Circle offers us the opportunity to exchange knowledge and is a network for our employees. Because of this, the IT Circle fits within Inholland's ''Dare to learn'' mentality.''

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