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On the IT Circle Netherlands Community Platform CLICK you will connect with your professional colleagues and learn from and be inspired by each other. What does CLICK stand for?




Click is a community platform where only members of IT Circle Netherlands have access to. It's a place where you can securely share information with your  peers. 


Within the expert groups, you can learn from other  peers by reading content, responding to each other, joining sessions or joining a discussion. In the events calendar is a overview of all upcoming sessions.  


Sharing your knowledge can also inspire others. For example, consider sharing a book, podcast or article. A widget has been created in each group for this purpose. You can also be inspired by watching presentations from previous sessions or by attending one of our sessions. Mocht you want to organize your own session you can! Contact one of the IT Circle Netherlands leads or send an email to: 


On the CLICK platform you will connect with fellow  peers by joining the groups that are relevant to you. Here Can you can easily connect with individuals from other organizations with similar interests. Before and after sessions there is also time to meet with other members exchange information and get to know each other. At CLICK there is also a chat function, where you can send someone a message personally.  


The knowledge of the past 10 years of IT Circle Netherlands can be found at CLICK. In addition is knowledge will be shared during sessions. If you have interesting topics that you would like more knowledge on, please let us dat know by posting a message in the "Whats Next" widget in the group that matches your question. Then we can work on that! 

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Sign up? 

Are you a member of IT Circle Netherlands but do not yet have a CLICK account? Then do so quickly via this link to the application page.

To best connect and leverage CLICK we ask you to fill out your profile properly, because a well-filled profile lets others know who you are, what you do and what knowledge can be shared based on a request for help.  

You can fill your profile with work-related information and you can also social share information such as hobbies, social issues or other topics that interest you. This way you will find people with similar interests and areas of interest, you may also be found and you can share meaningful (and/or fun) knowledge and information.  

Tip: You can also fill your profile with your photo taken at the lustrum or use your LinkedIn photo. 

Then join your expertise group by clicking on the "become member" button of respective group. Also feel free to take a look at other groups where you can become a member and stay up to date with all the "ins & outs" of these groups. Have something to share immediately on CLICK, then post your message on the platform. 


Do you already have a CLICK account created? You can login via this login link.

Make sure you have filled out your profile as completely as possible, signed up for the events you want to participate in and are a member of the groups relevant to you.  

Still ga member? 

If you don't want to join the community (yet), but would like to stay up to date on the events we organize, subscribe to our newsletter by sending an email to 


Have you other questions or are you stuck on something on CLICK? Then take a look at the FAQ. Here you can also ask questions. On the CLICK homepage also contains an e-learning ready for you. Finally, you can also Clicky send a message, this is it administor account, if you have questions you can ask your question to Clicky. You can find him/her through the who's who list. 

Do you have questions about CLICK and do you still have no account? Then contact IT Circle Netherlands by sending an email to:

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