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IT Circle Netherlands

The independent partnership where IT professionals from affiliated members, in a confidential setting, share knowledge and expertise quickly and purposefully.

Since 2012, IT Circle Netherlands has been the cross-sector community where best practices and best failures are actively shared. We offer a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge and get a glimpse behind the scenes of other (IT) organizations. The real experiences of another organization greatly enrich insights.

What's in it for me?
IT Circle Netherlands helps promote employee development opportunities. Does your organization also want to become a member and are you curious about all the benefits?

    Actuele evenementen

    Voor de uitgebreide event kalender, bezoek je de event agenda


    <em class='date'>13</em><em class='month'>may</em><em class='time'>13:00</em><em class='time'>17:30</em>International PO day

    <em class='date'>14</em><em class='month'>may</em><em class='time'>16:00</em><em class='time'>17:00</em>DEI Strategy; how do you do that?

    <em class='date'>15</em><em class='month'>may</em><em class='time'>11:00</em><em class='time'>12:00</em>Scrum master meetup

    <em class='date'>16</em><em class='month'>may</em><em class='time'>15:30</em><em class='time'>17:00</em>Uitdagingen ServiceNow

    <em class='date'>17</em><em class='month'>may</em><em class='time'>10:00</em><em class='time'>11:30</em>XLA in practice

    <em class='date'>22</em><em class='month'>may</em><em class='time'>16:00</em><em class='time'>17:00</em>Product owner Meetup | Intervisie

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    We believe that with knowledge and experience from others, you can grow and be successful yourself.

    For IT professionals

    IT professionals are the digital heart of society. IT Circle Netherlands is explicitly for IT end users, allowing knowledge to be shared in confidentiality. This creates inspiring sessions and inspired employees who can test experiences and learn from other organizations. An environment where not only best practices, but especially best failures can be shared. IT Circle Netherlands is an independent national cross-sectoral network with IT members focused on knowledge sharing with over 100 activities per year.

    "Technology may be the key to the future, but it's the people behind it that unlock its true potential.


    IT Professionals from participating organizations meet colleagues from other organizations to actively share their knowledge and seek advice. They also participate in "peer review" sessions and company visits or the professionals broaden their view through a temporary exchange. The national community provides an opportunity to connect with peers from a wide variety of industries 


    Met 29 expertisegroepen delen wij kennis via:
    • Hybrid events (online and offline events)
    • Knowledge sessions
    • Peer reviews
    • Company visits
    • Staff exchanges
    • I-Opener Event​
    • Expertisegroepen
    • Podcasts

    Themes and Expertise Groups

    IT professionals go in depth by sharing knowledge and expertise on specific topics.



    • Leadership & Organization
    • Human Resources
    • Digital Transformation
    • Sourcing
    • Data
    • Security & Privacy
    • Technology & Trends
    • Architecture
    • Service Delivery
    • Business Processes
    • Methodology
    • Workplace

    Expert groups

    • Digital leaders – Senior Management – Management assistants, Young IT 
    • Learning & Development – HR Management – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
    • Change- en Portfolio Management 
    • Contract- & Supplier management
    • Data Management – Artificial Intelligence – Business Intelligence 
    • IT Security – Privacy
    • Technology & Innovation – RPA – Sustainability
    • Architecture – Cloud
    • Service Desk – Service Management – Functioneel Beheer
    • Process & Application Management
    • Agile – Scrum – Testing
    • Workplace – Office applications

    The knowledge platform to test where you are and stand as an organization

    National Board IT Circle Netherlands

    A nice representation from all regions and all industries to further grow the partnership since 2012.

    Corné Mulders - chairman

    CIO a.i., HagaZiekenhuis

    ''I was at the very beginning of founding the Amsterdam IT Circle and was immediately won over by the idea. Read more >


    IT Circle Netherlands
    Europalaan 400
    3526 KS Utrecht

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