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Mei 2024: Update IT CIrcle Nederland
Maart 2024:
Update IT CIrcle Nederland
Februari 2024:
IT Circle Netherlands update

December 2023:
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February 2023:
IT Circle Netherlands update

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February 2021: IT Circle Netherlands update

CLICK has been launched! The online community platform of IT Circle Netherlands.
Come connect with your professional colleagues and learn from and be inspired by each other!

Together with our members, we have spent the past few months setting up a new IT Circle Community platform to be even better connected! Within the expert groups you will soon be able to communicate with your peers, share content, view the event calendar and stay up to date with the latest information.

Ambassadors from different organizations shared their ideas, brainstormed and helped set up the platform.

To optimally connect and make use of CLICK, we would also like to send you the registration link. You can then fill out your profile so that you can be easily found by your peers, you can ask questions and you will automatically be kept informed of all activities within IT Circle Netherlands.

You can fill your profile with work-related information and you can also share social information such as hobbies, social issues or other topics that interest you. This way you will find people with similar interests and areas of interest, you may also be found, and you can share meaningful (and/or fun) knowledge and information.

Then join your expertise group and feel free to also take a look at other groups you can join and stay up to date on all the "ins & outs" of these groups. Sign up quickly by here click.

Marjolein van den Bos joins IT Circle Netherlands team - imagine....
You wake up slide the curtains slightly aside and see that it is still just dark, the light is underwork. You walk barefoot to the living room open your laptop and start up the webcam and see the beach with fantastic waves rolling in and falling forward with their foam on the beach....You think no longer, give your husband a kiss and grab your surfboard, wax on it and put on your suit. Out with your board, braces on your bike and while The Hague is still starting up you cycle to the beach with your board. There is a serene calm until you reach the sea, you hear the waves rolling and crashing on the beach. What a gift to be standing here early in the morning with your surfboard in your walk into the sea, smile at the waves and dive on your board while paddling through the surf into the open sea, ready for the first wave. Starting your day this way is liberating, enriching and delightful!
So where does Marjolein come from and what else does she do besides surf.
Growing up in a hospitality family, I was brought up on entrepreneurship and connecting people. After many beautiful life lessons, the common thread in my life focuses on: Going for the things that come your way, fully living through all your experiences, taking lessons, enjoying and looking back on what you have experienced with the necessary self-mockery. That is typical of Marjolein.
Over the past 20 years, I have held a variety of wonderful leadership roles in Corporate business, with the last 8 years now focused on change management with a keen eye for the people side of change.

I started in IT (now 52 years old) when the hype in IT was going on. Started as a hardcore IT-er, MSCE-er, programmed, built and configured servers. During that period it turned out that I had more talents in supervising and leading, so that resulted in management positions at Rabobank, Pink Roccade and after some time in a management position at Getronics. A super nice job in a time of wealth where we served clients such as Gem. Amsterdam, Port of Rotterdam, ANWB and PCM newspapers (to name a few). At that time Getronics was acquired by KPN and I made the step to go more into the change side of the organization and studied Behavioral Sciences at Nyenrode. A great Master course that brought me to supervising large change projects within KPN and shortly after that I started my own company. (believing in what you do) where I did great projects at LUMC, ABN AMRO and Rabobank (See also my linked in profile).
Now in the present time I get to execute beautiful change projects a few days a week at Rabobank and since October I joined IT Circle Netherlands for 1 day a week. I already knew IT Circle because I regularly shared knowledge about Digital Transformation and Generation Management (another passion of mine). Then I got into a conversation with Karen van der Zanden and it was such a lovely conversation that we said; one day we are going to do something together. And that`s how it came about. I bring to IT Circle a lot of humor and fun in life, a broad knowledge of HR Management, a large network and a great desire to put this beautiful organization even more and better on the map with our current and new members.
I look forward to meeting you.
Marjolein van den Bos / 06-29525296 /


Norbert Derickx starts Aug. 1
as Operational Director at IT Circle Netherlands. After many management positions at leading companies such as VGZ, YACHT to Saxion, we welcome Norbert to IT Circle Netherlands.

"We are very pleased with this expansion at the executive level. In addition to his years of IT knowledge and community experience, Norbert especially brings a lot of enthusiasm. He is the right person to responsibly accelerate our growth. It is a natural choice", says Karen van der Zanden.


Norbert Derickx: Every organization, regardless of its sector, goes through a digital transformation. In some this takes place planned and in others ad hoc. This digital transformation impacts organization, people and work where technology is or can be a driver to achieve change goals.

This also makes IT not just about information technology, but how to use the right technology(s) to shape digital transformation and achieve your goals. The change in culture and ways of working is the most exciting thing in this rather than the hard technology. With the advent of Covid-19, organizations and institutions accelerated the transition to online working and learning, as the technology was already available. Now you see mostly the acute questions arising to perpetuate the new way of working and learning in a hybrid landscape. This also means that organizations and employees now benefit from quickly sharing or absorbing new best practices. This is not possible without a well-functioning and dynamic IT community in which knowledge sharing is taken for granted and enjoyed.

IT Circle Netherlands demonstrates that, thanks to a passionate team and committed members, it provides this network at strategic, tactical and operational levels and without interference from IT suppliers and IT consultancy. The connecting and driving role of IT Circle Netherlands entices people to actively share knowledge and contributes to the acceleration of digital transformation in all its facets. With my network, IT knowledge and experience and leadership qualities, I want to build IT Circle Netherlands, together with the team and its members, into the leading IT community in the Netherlands.

Have you been inspired and would like to know what we can do for you and your organization, please contact me at, LinkedIn or 06 5346 0537.

IT Circle Netherlands announces new national board

Utrecht, March 16, 2021

Following the transition of all regional IT Circles into a collaborative IT Circle Netherlands, a national board has now been formed. A nice representation from all regions and all industries to further grow the nearly decade-long partnership.

The board consists of the following members:

Corné Mulders UMC Utrecht President Utrecht
Simon Rientsma Waternet Vice President Amsterdam
Cees Plug Inholland Member Amsterdam
Myriam van Rooij KNMI Member Utrecht
John Adegeest CSU Member Eindhoven
Jan Polkerman Tax Office Member Apeldoorn
André van der Linden Royal Flora Holland Member Rotterdam
Fred Hoekstra UWV Member Amsterdam

Met het gekozen bestuur gelooft IT Circle Nederland mooie stappen te kunnen gaan zetten in de verdere ontwikkeling. Corné Mulders (CIO a.i, HagaZiekenhuis) gaat de rol als landelijke voorzitter vervullen.

About IT Circle Netherlands
IT Circle Netherlands is an independent partnership where IT Professionals share knowledge and expertise quickly and in a focused way. The experts can develop themselves and arrive at joint solutions. The IT end users can actively participate to strengthen themselves, each other and thus the organization in the field of Information Technology. The national community offers the opportunity to connect with peers from a wide variety of industries. The entire organization benefits from peer interaction. It gets the organization moving and involves all IT Professionals in new developments and innovations.

The board members

Corné Mulders - CIO a.i., HagaZiekenhuis


''I was at the very beginning of the founding of the Amsterdam IT Circle and was immediately won over by the idea. I then had the opportunity to join the boards of Utrecht and Eindhoven in subsequent positions and therefore consider it an honor that I was asked to become chairman of the national IT Circle. My passion lies in my firm belief that with knowledge and experience of others, you can grow and be successful yourself. And the IT Circles shape exactly that in a relaxed yet professional way. Together with my fellow board members and the IT Circle Netherlands organization, I'm eager to help others become even more successful!''

Simon Rientsma - Manager IT, Waternet

Vice President

"IT Circle Netherlands offers our IT professionals a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge nationwide in a low-threshold manner or even on a peek into the kitchen of another (IT) organization. The real experience of the other gives an enormous enrichment of your insights in our rapidly changing world!"

André van der Linden - CIO, Royal FloraHolland


"Royal Flora Holland wants to be a learning organization and by joining the IT Circle we are going to accelerate this. The task facing Royal FloraHolland is challenging, but not unique. And as a cooperative, we know better than anyone that you are stronger together than alone. We would like to learn from the experience of other members of the IT Circle and offer our knowledge and experience, which we have gained in one of the most beautiful sectors of the Netherlands, so that others can learn from it."

Jan Polkerman - CTO Belastingdienst


"IT is a profession. With a trade comes professionals. Professionals share knowledge to learn from each other."

Myriam van Rooij - Director (CFO, CIO), KNMI


"There is no need to keep reinventing the wheel yourself. Of course every organization must find its own way in all IT developments, but using knowledge and experiences of others in the process can be very helpful. Provided one is open and also the less positive experiences are shared. That happens at the IT Circle."

John Adegeest - Director of ICT, CSU & Tzorg


"Only together will you get further. As a person and as an organization. Sharing knowledge is an essential part of that. The IT Circle provides an accessible platform for knowledge sharing between novice and experienced IT professionals. I believe in the growth this creates for each participant and their organization. Making this community as large and diverse as possible, accessible to all, with a wide range of topics and regular interaction provides the necessary and collaborative growth."

Cees Plug Director of Information Provision & Technology, Inholland University of Applied Sciences


''The IT Circle offers us the opportunity to exchange knowledge and is a network for our employees. Because of this, the IT Circle fits within Inholland's ''Dare to learn'' mentality.''

Fred Hoekstra - CIO/ Director IV Social Medical Affairs, UWV


"Rapid change and high agility are the norm for almost all organizations in this day and age. The community facilitated by IT Circle Netherlands provides an important basis for learning from each other, avoiding mistakes and accelerating on issues within your own organization."

Media contact IT Circle Netherlands:
Helen Emaus – Operationeel Manager

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