What's in it for me?

IT Circle Netherlands gets your organization moving by involving the community of different (IT) organizations in learnings, new developments and innovations.

Membership benefits:

  • Completely independent of suppliers.
  • Fast and low-threshold access to a nationwide cross-sector IT network.
  • Share knowledge and expertise with IT professionals with end users.
  • IT professionals share best practices as well as best failures.
  • Wide range of topics and expert groups allowing IT professionals to go in depth on specific topics.
  • Promote employee development opportunities.
  • Access with the entire organization at more than 100 activities per year.
  • Customized meetings at various levels.
  • The knowledge platform to test where you stand as an organization.
  • Increase organizational flexibility and agility.


Interested To become a member of IT Circle Netherlands? Mail to info@itcircle-nederland.nl or contact here us at!
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