Webinar: Purchasing ICT: innovative towards sustainable results!

<em class='date'>02</em><em class='month'>nov</em><em class='time'>13:15</em><em class='time'>16:15</em>Webinar: Purchasing ICT: innovative towards sustainable results!

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Does the ICT world need a Moonshot as Marianna Mazzucato has been predicting to us for years? Is better collaboration with suppliers possible as the Innovation Partnership and the Vested philosophy promise us? And what about those rankings from Pianoo, which instruments score best and why?

The title of this webinar has the element of sustainable results in it for a reason. How to get to a situation where you can get to sustainable results through sustainable relationships. During this afternoon we will host several sessions for organizations with guts in the field of procurement: aren't we too afraid of the scare wire and how do we find out if there is any power on it at all? How do we "green" procurement? How does the Procurement Act affect an organization's Installed Base and how to deal with your Legacy challenges? Is this too reliant on a "can do" lawyer or what are any obstacles?

Keynote speakers
Chairman of the day Norbert Derickx (IT Circle Netherlands) kicks off this webinar with a digital round table with Jan Polkerman (Belastingdienst), Leonieke Mevius (Surf), Gert-Jan Schutte (Belastingdienst), Floris den Boer (PIANOO) and the 'Kan-wél' jurist.

1 p.m. Check in and registration

1:15 p.m. Welcome

1:20 p.m. Plenary opening

1:55 p.m. Short break

2 p.m. Break out sessions round 1

2:50 p.m. Short break

3 p.m. Break out sessions round 2

4 p.m. Wrap up

You can attend several interactive workshops during this afternoon, in addition to the plenary part. The workshops will be provided by:

Sign up
Don't miss it and sign up at: https://inkopen-van-ict.eventbrite.nl
This online event can be followed via Webex. You will receive the link after registration.


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(Tuesday) 1:15 - 4:15 p.m.(GMT+01:00)

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