Challenges at Microsoft 365 competence center

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IT companies must constantly adapt to the complicated and ever-changing demands of the market. This also applies to Cloud-related topics. Therefore, Cloud Competence Centers are emerging at organizations to provide technical and methodological support for Cloud initiatives. A CCC supports in overcoming obstacles related to creating and using Cloud solutions.  

The National Police intends to set up a CCC specifically for Microsoft 365, with a focus on the user and management organization. A number of CCCs have already been established within the police, but the one for M365 is for this new target group. 

Information Sidney van der Moot (Sr. project manager National Police) likes to discuss with peers includes: 

  • How to set up a CCC 
  • What is the vision of Police 
  • How to interact, how to share knowledge 


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14/02/2023 15:30 - 17:00(GMT+02:00)

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