RPA - Management and collaboration with business

<em class='date'>14</em><em class='month'>dec</em><em class='time'>15:00</em><em class='time'>17:15</em>RPA - Management and collaboration with business

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After the various RPA sessions, the last meeting delved deeper into management challenges.

Jan Los (product owner RPA COE @ KPN, Asher Lake (Corporate Automation Coach) and Pascal Smissaert (Head of Robotics, RADD & BPM @ABN AMRO) continue with the participants on the issues from the previous RPA session. Questions and answers related to RPA management will be further explored and explained.

In addition, using relevant use cases, they also address the issue of RPA in relation to the business. What challenges are there, how do you involve the business, who takes what responsibility? Sign up through the community officer of your organization.


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14/12/2021 15:00 - 17:15(GMT+02:00)

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