A journey towards sustainable software engineering

29nov15:3016:30A journey towards sustainable software engineering

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This subject will be on the schedule next week Tuesday, have you seen the invite already? Find it in the calendar and make sure that your organisation is also attending this interesting session.

Sustainable technology creates opportunity in three critical areas of the business: internal IT, enterprise and customer operations.

One of the areas that can really make impact is the software engineering side. At Rabobank, there are many initiatives on sustainable IT and one of these initiatives is highlighted during this session next week.

Oliver Tupran will be the speaker and from a personal motivation for being a good engineer, he started to focus more on sustainable engineering. Since he got support from Rabobank and its suppliers on this topic, he was able to act and change the way engineers work. 👉 From case study to result! 🙌

During this session Oliver will share information like:
✔ How do you start when you don’t know really what you want?
✔ From solar panels and zero-waste conversations at coffee corners to sustainable software engineering.
✔ From principles discovery to a success story and beyond.

Register now or send this invitation to your colleague to make sure your organisation is there to learn or also to share experiences so far! 



29/11/2022 15:30 - 16:30(GMT+02:00)

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