What is the value of Smart Buildings with Internet of Things?

Smart buildings with IoT was the theme of this overall IT-Circle Event on February, 5th. Many participants came to the Hogeschool Rotterdam to share knowledge on this theme. Is it a hype or can the combination IoT and Smart building offer value to owners, operators and users of buildings? Will the building gain the goal of providing healthy, safe, sustainable and enjoyable working and living environment for users? What is the power of data and how do you unlock this data and make it directly usable for the benefit of the user?

During this informative overall IT-Circle knowledge session we got answers to these and many other questions. A deeper look at the possibilities of real time data processing from various sources, how to interact directly on these data. And we looked at the added value of LiFi. TU Delft also provided a very interesting smart building case and how to deal with this in a concrete way.

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Presentations during this ICE Internet of Things

LiFi: The new international standard for wireless internet via lights network

Ed Huibers– Head of Business Development LiFi-Systems at Signify (v/h Philips Lighting) told about LiFi. Where – and how – were first steps taken and why is LiFi taken out of the R&D corner to make it available for the market?

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How to handle Smart Society data

Rutger Borst-Business Development Smart City, IoT, Data driven Solutions at KPN spoke about already available and still desired smart steps in many areas. We now digitize buildings, cities, industries and much more.

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The building thinks, teaches, stimulates and collects

Edwin Koose – Business Analyst Smart Building / Campus at TU Delft shared his experiences in the field of setting up the smart campus. What are the challenges? What about the Cookbook? And how to set the program of requirements
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