IT-Security, a joint effort!

On Thursday 28 March, members of the IT Circle Nederland and the Eindhoven Cyber Security Group (ECSG) met for the event ' IT-Security, a joint effort! ' Soon, this day's video impression, together with a number of presentations, will be published on this page.

With the increasing number of cyber threats, IT-Security has become crucial. As a result, there is a need for cooperation in the field of IT-Security within the organization, but also with other organisations, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Creating a risk concious culture

Aernout Reijmer, CISO AT ASML welcomed us and shared his vision of a risk-conscious culture in which risk management is part of corporate decision-making. It is important to ensure cooperation throughout the chain in order to combat cybercrime threats. Where are the liabilities within the organization and why is it so important to discuss this together with your partners in the chain and peers in your network?

Third Party Security at ASML

In today's business world, many third parties work together to develop end products and services. IT-Security policies and their management at partners makes close partnerships essential for overall security. How to deal with these security risks? And how to structure and manage them? ASML has developed a risk-based approach to (cost-) effectively conduct IT Security assessments at external parties. Robbert Kramer, SS&P Information Security Risk Manager AT ASML told more about the Third Party Security at ASML.

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Breakout Sessions ICE IT-Security

Hub Gerats – CISO Municipality of Heerlen
'Security awareness and senior management commitment'

The most critical success factor for effective information security is the involvement of senior management, where the board is responsible for cybersecurity.
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'A wheelbarrel full of frogs' > >

Johan van Sommeren, Teamlead Networking VDL Group
'Managing Visibility & Control in Operational Technology''

How do you allow access in a controlled way to guests and remote users? Extensive segmentation of IT environments to provide access to external organizations.
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Erick van Veghel-CISO at Catharina Hospital
'GDPR under control'

The Catharina Hospital processes mainly specific and – many – personal data, which makes administration and processing complex and challenging. You will have to find good solutions to keep everything under control. View the presentation 'GDPR under control' > >

Ewoud Smit – Manager Security Operations at ASML
'ECGS – the Cyber Resilience Center Brainport'

The Cyber Resilience Center is an initiative to improve cyber-resistance within the supply chain for the Dutch high-tech industry.
View the presentation 'Cyber Resilience Centre Brainpark' > >

Adri Melis – Information Security Officer at DAF Trucks N.V.
'Information Security is like a brake system; it allows the driver to go faster'

In this session, DAF Trucks shared the tools and processes that proved to be effective in mapping projects and applying IT-Security procedures. 

Martin Snoodijk – Director Information Services at TNO
' Network Security Zoning in an open environment '

This session highlighted the importance of segmentation within the IT-security infrastructure. Network access is tailored to security policies and security requirements.

Wouter Beens – ISO/Manager Architecture & Information Security at Heijmans
' Identity Management '

Wouter Beens shared his approach and experience in the field of Identity Management implementation within Heijmans. How to set up a well organized process, with the right controls.

' Security is about People '

Espionage is a real danger for businesses and government. In this session it became clear that there is still a world to gain when it comes to awareness, supplort, behaviour and the importance of the human factor.

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