KNVI, Rabobank Nederland and IT-Circle Nederland jointly organised the ICE event:

Dream, Dare & Do in the Digital Transformation

Dream; How does the organization deal with changing customer expectations?
Dare; What new technologies are available for the digital transformation?
Do; How does the organization and the IT professional deal with these expectations and technologies?

Under the leadership of Frits Bussemaker (Community Builder) This session started with a panel discussion. Panel members, (CIO, Corné Mulders (CIO UMC Utrecht) and Anton Rutten (CIO Rabobank) discussed about the main lessons learned in the digital transformation and the strategic choices to be made in the coming years. Choices like customer perspective, technology and eSkills. 

Organizations in transition from face to face to digital make major changes in their workforce. Attracting Digital talent is a challenge. Current employees are struggling to keep up to speed with all the changes in the market, both on technical skills, soft skills and in ways of working like Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Scrum, DevOps, etc. How to stay up to date in a world full of information and meet-ups?

After the panel discussion, several organizations hosted a presentation about their Digital Transformation experiences during a number of breakout sessions.

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Breakout sessions ICE Digital Transformation

Linda Kreft, product-owner content & chatbot and communication advisor within a.s.r.  Innovation & Digital

' a.s.r. chatbot – behind the scenes of the conversation-driven website '
What went well? And what not?  And what are the future plans?

View the presentation here > >

Jelte Reitsma, Blockchain Expert BlockchainLab at Hogeschool Utrecht

' The Blockchain Game '
How Do You let people without technical background get acquainted with the principles of block chain technology? And how to tell about the special features of block chain?

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Youri de Jong, Manager Technology & Engineering at KLM

'Digital Culture @ KLM '
Why KLM considers it essential to make transformational impact. About feeling the energy, new technologies and methods and young talent.

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Priyana Prakas – Product Manager at

' Change through experimentation '
Learn, recap and make decisions. A/B testing has helped Booking to adapt the products to the needs of the customer.

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Sander Ettema, Head Development Automation at Rabobank  

' Digital Transformation: IT performance '
How to accelerate adoption of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery IT performance.
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Thijs van Dord, Delivery Manager Lending & Insurance at Rabobank

' From Waterfall to DevOps '
How has the approach to building and maintaining software evolved over time? And what are the challenges for IT-teams and -professionals with the current developments?

Presentation available on request.

Panel discussion ' What does digital transformation mean?

Led by moderator Frits Bussemaker, industry leaders were talking about the most important lessons learned in the digital transformation and the future to make strategic choices. Questions that were discussed were, for example, about the most relevant trends, the agreements between the organisations and the prospects.

Moderator and panel members

Frits Bussemaker  
Community Builder   

Anton Rutten
CIO Rabobank 

Corné Mulders
CIO UMC Utrecht

Jurrie van Rooijen

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