We celebrated the 10th anniversary in grand style on Thursday, November 3, in the Province House of Utrecht. As always with, for and by our members, with the theme 'Connection in craftsmanship'. We look back on a great event full of inspiration, humor, creativity and beautiful connections.

Ten years of connecting, sharing knowledge, driving innovation, expanding worlds, sharing experiences and inspiring peers. The members of IT Circle Netherlands are there for each other and for the continuous growth and professionalization of our profession. Professionals who, through professionalism and collaboration, are able to bring complicated goals and challenges to success. That's the impact we have. And have been for ten years.

That is something to remember and to celebrate. We did just that during our Lustrum Event on November 3 in Utrecht. Did you miss it? Check out the aftermovie.

Rens van der Vorst

Technophilosopher at Fontys Universities of Applied Sciences. He teaches, does innovative projects and international research on new methods and tools.

Craftsmanship in a digital world. Digital technology is changing us. Often in ways we are not fully aware of. It profoundly affects who we are. As friends, as spouses, but also as professionals. And as professionals. Do we understand the impact of technology?

Janine fox

Janine Vos is a member of the Group Executive Board and CHRO of Rabobank. In addition, she is part of of the Supervisory Board of KLM and is on the Advisory Board of SER Top Women and Social Capital. Janine was voted Top Woman of the Year in 2021 and CHRO of the Year in 2017. Year because of her vision for leadership and the future of work. She knows how to inspire on topics such as work happiness, wellbeing, personal development, diversity and new ways of working.

(Photo: Merlin Doomernik)<i></i>


Wilco Dekker

He is a passionate mountaineer and stood at the top of the world on May 23, 2019. He is also a technology strategist and also worked for Doctors Without Borders in Congo for two years. An inspiration to many and has a firm belief that you can do more than you think beforehand.

Corné mulders

Corné is CIO at the UMC Utrecht and was instrumental in founding the Amsterdam IT Circle 10 years ago. He was then a board member of IT Circle Utrecht.
and Eindhoven, eventually becoming president at IT Circle Netherlands. Corné: "My passion lies in the fact that I have a firm belief that with knowledge and experience of others, you can, yourself
can grow and be successful. And IT Circle shapes exactly that in a relaxed yet professional way." 

karen van der zanden

Karen has been director of IT Circle Netherlands since 2017. After an international career at KLM and various management positions at large Dutch companies, she became fascinated by community thinking. Experience shows that most issues are not unique. Why invent the wheel yourself if you can also ask the question? Or advance a topic in co-creation with each other. The power of collaboration inside and outside your organization, we can achieve much more with that.

She has a passion for choosing to do good things with fun/ enthusiastic people, with that you can move a subject forward and she believes in that unconditionally.


Frits is a community builder with a passion for bringing people together in the Digital Age. His goal is to explore the interaction between information technology, innovation and impact.

Marjolein van den Bos

Growing up in a hospitality family, Marjolein was brought up on entrepreneurship and connecting people.

One of her most powerful characteristics is her open-mindedness in how she approaches trajectories. Pure, without judgment, earthy, she always asks herself the question: What it means to be Human. As a result, she touches on something universal in the human experience in all her activities, regardless of gender, culture and age.

Ten years of IT Circle Netherlands

Connection in Craftsmanship

What makes you feel connected to your profession?

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Workshop #1 - Online hassles; digital collaboration doesn't happen overnight - Kristian Esser

Every company should have a digital office. And not the intranet or Slack or Teams, but a community where you can go to learn more about a particular topic, or ask a question, where people find connection through a shared passion. It's the necessary place to collaborate online, that's where your company's social heart will beat faster.

Setting up your digital office requires you to go through a number of steps that are necessary to get your colleagues on board, secure the technology, adapt your processes, align communications in your company and define the roles of the team. Kristian tells us more about this and how to set it up.

Workshop #2 - No More Leaks - Frederiek Burlage and Barend Frans (Police)

News reports of major data breaches, where millions of personal data are out on the street, are appearing with increasing frequency. A global underground online economy allows easy access to rogue trades in leaked login credentials of online accounts. With these login credentials, criminals try to get into accounts of specific websites or apps. This is called credential stuffing. If the login succeeds, an existing account, for example, can be taken over after which products or services can be ordered in the name and account of the owner of this account. Personal data and order history can also be collected to commit new crimes.

The majority of victims are unaware that their login credentials are being traded. Because many people often use the same password for different accounts for an extended period of time, this is a lucrative and relatively easy way for criminals to commit crimes. Think about your own personal situation: do you use a different password for each account?

Barend Frans and Frederiek Burlage are going to tell you more about the public-private partnership No More Leaks, a project that aims to counter abuse with leaked data.

Workshop #3 Community building; how to do it successfully - Chris Stapper (Rabobank)

Community Manager Chris Stapper is building strong IT communities at Rabobank, where colleagues exchange knowledge on specific topics. The goal: to share and apply the knowledge that our bank has as widely as possible. With some six thousand IT professionals, this is quite a job, Chris knows.

'The communities are not only there to strengthen professionalism within the bank. They also help to discover what knowledge is still lacking. When we organize an event, we gauge what is needed in the communities. If you have your knowledge sharing in the organization in good order, you gain insight into what knowledge is still lacking. This enables you to arrange speakers and workshops in a very targeted way. This is another way in which communities deliver a lot of value!

Community building and how to do it successfully; that's what Chris also likes to tell you and share his lessons learned.

Workshop #4 - Behavior Change by Gert Slob

Gert takes us through how we as humanity have become increasingly organized differently over the years in an increasingly complex world.

He focuses on how it is possible that the system (the organization) sometimes misses the mark. Think of the financial crisis, the allowance affair or climate change. In his vision, all major (organizational) change issues have the same common thread. Gert inspires us how we can redesign the system on a strategic/tactical level and lead change, so that we get real solutions for the issues we work on every day.

Workshop #5 - What an IT professional can learn from a Chef by Jeannette Zomer (Rabobank) and Walter Oerlemans (UMC Utrecht)

By coincidence, these 2 IT Professionals both turned out to be chefs during corona. E is an overlap between cooking as a chef and IT and the next similarity we already mention, the others during the workshop:

  • Planning and organization
  • Testing and improvement
  • Getting better and better by doing (cutting, special techniques, piping bag etc)
  • Skimming and learning in other kitchens
  • Inspiration by looking at Countries or cultures
  • Deliver on time (still challenging for IT at times)
  • Failure and continuation
  • Improvising
  • Arrive at a successful composition so that the customer has a good experience.
Workshop #6 - Making RPA work! - Asher Lake

How technology works for you. Unlocking Digital brings technology as close as possible to the people who need to do something with it. How do you tie that to an Employee Experience? And to organizational goals. Unlocking Digital's Automation Model takes you to a solution in 8 steps. Robotic Process Automation is the basis but the model is applicable to digital in the broadest sense. Do you also want to find the key for your organization join us and get inspired.

Workshop #7 - How to create a neuro-inclusive organization in which everyone's brain and talent is done justice ? - Saskia Schepers (ABN AMRO)

Saskia is a creative brain, responsible for sustainable employability, learning week and neurodiversity within ABN AMRO bank. As Neurodiversity Project Manager, Saskia strives for organizations in which there is room for everyone's talent, including the 20% of people with a different wired brain. With the right knowledge and alignment, everyone comes into their own!

Workshop #8 - Digital Twin - Rob Peters (Province of Utrecht)
Workshop #9 - The Agile Booster; everything used to be better! - Annemarie Weijenberg and Brigitte de Leeuw

Within the Agile Transition, nothing is standard routine, if only Agile working was already a standard. At this workshop, we want to talk to each other about 'how bad is something that it has become standard?' - versus - 'I don't get it standard'. Brigitte de Leeuw, Senior Agile Transformation Coach at DAF and Annemarie Weijenberg, Scrum Master at Waternet would like to join the conversation with each other and with YOU! 

Workshop #10 - Data and ethics, how to have a workable balance

Alex Corra with 2 cases, takes us through this interactive workshop on ethics and responsible data handling.

 Alex is Policy Advisor on Law and Ethics at the Ethics Center of the Social Insurance Bank and has a background in Law, Sociology and Public Administration. At the SVB, his work includes advising on data ethics, dealing with gray areas and delivering customized solutions from the philosophy of working according to intention.

Workshop #11 - AI Imaginations in Photography

André Kreft is happy to take you through how Artificial Intelligence (AI) changed his creative playing field, and you can get started yourself! See hereby an introduction by André.

SURF's XR on Tour.

In 2022, the SURF Open Innovation Lab is organizing "XR on Tour." Here we visit different institutions and events, aiming to inspire with eXtended Reality (VR, AR and more) and let visitors discover and experience what is possible with the latest XR technology. You can find SURF with this informative "tour" in the Foyer and can be visited all afternoon.


Getting inspiration

It will be a well-filled afternoon with engaging speakers who will provide food for thought. We go to the highest point.

Connecting and sharing

Peers from other companies share their knowledge in various inspiring workshops. Won't you be there too?

Connect & Communicate

Around all the sessions there will be plenty of time to meet old acquaintances and make new contacts. Finally, of course, we will raise a glass together to the next10 years.

Team IT Circle Netherlands

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Province House Utrecht
Archimedes Avenue 6

We celebrate our 10th anniversary in the Statenzaal of the beautiful building of Province of Utrecht. The Province House is easily accessible by public transportation, bicycle, and car. 


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