On Tuesday, September 22, we co-hosted a webinar with the National Innovation Community (RIC) on the impact of the corona crisis on innovation. Both organizations are committed to sharing knowledge about ICT and innovations. The IT Circle focuses on IT professionals at end users and the RIC is an initiative to connect innovators within the central government.

The corona crisis requires adapted behavior among ourselves, our colleagues and our organizations. During this webinar, several organizations will share their experiences about innovation focusing on the following questions: Which new innovations do we see being accelerated now? Which ones are being slowed down? What is changing around innovation management?

During the opening, we engaged in conversation with Elisabeth van der Steenhoven, chairman TechTegenCorona (an initiative of Public Matters), Jan Middendorp, member of the Lower House and co-initiator of the temporary Lower House Committee on the Digital Future, Corné Mulders, CIO of UMC Utrecht and Lourens Visser, CIO Rijk at the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations.

After the plenary opening, there were several break out sessions that touched on various themes. See the overview below.


13:00-14:00: webinar: opening and round table
14:00-14:40: interactive workshops, round 1
2:40-14:50 p.m.: wrap up plenary
2:50-15:00 p.m.: break including coffee corner set up
15:00-15:40: interactive workshops, round 2
15:40-16:00: wrap up and wrap up





The workshops have the following themes:

Innovating daily in a Scrum team?

Working within a sprint team is fun and we love to deliver value every day. Agility is important and we are able to adapt on a daily basis. We learn from mistakes and in a retro we improve over and over again. Yet we see that innovation does not always get a place in a Scrum team. Dilemmas like, we don't have time, what is that innovation anyway and we do it daily, right?

Why? What helps? What doesn't work? What strategy fits my Scrum team? These are questions we would like to discuss with each other and maybe we will come up with an innovation strategy together?

Dutch Railways

Changing from a train company to a broad mobility company requires innovation. NS has a lot of expertise and enthusiasm around innovation. In order to strengthen this innovative power and connect people, the Innovation Platform was created, which consists of the Innovation Portal, the Innovation Community with expert teams and the Innovation Factory. In this way, NS facilitates bottom-up innovation. During this afternoon we will take you through our approach and discuss success factors and pitfalls.

National Innovation Community

What does working from home mean for your network and how do you build a community when it is difficult to meet physically? The National Innovation Community shares its experiences and tips and tricks when it comes to online community building. How do you do it: online collaboration? How do you turn the current acceleration of digitalization into opportunities for your community?

Meaningful Innovation

many Dutch people are currently forced to work from home. In this workshop we want to explore together whether this innovation also has meaningful sides. And how this "imposed innovation" can be organized as meaningfully as possible in spite of everything.

Open innovation around CoronaMelder - Should we do it more often?

The CoronaMelder app has caused a lot of controversy. The Ministry of Health decided to address the concerns as much as possible by making the development process open from the beginning. A community of hundreds of experts in IT development, privacy, design, legal affairs and epidemiology were able to watch and contribute. What has this done for the quality of the app? And for confidence in government IT development? What were the learning points, the frustrations and the highlights? And the key question: should the government do this more often? Edo Plantinga is community manager for the app on behalf of VWS and leads this interactive session.

At CSU, they love to discover and experiment with the latest innovations to inspire and renew the cleaning and facilities industry. But how does IT match with cleaning? Elke and Marloes, Innovation Specialists at CSU, talk about how they apply techniques/innovations that contribute to the new facility world. Think for example of data-controlled cleaning and the Hologram Hostess. Techniques that contribute to the new facility world.

Innovation management in the public sector

How to innovate with the market in the public sector? What are the biggest pitfalls? How do you avoid stepping into them? And what are peculiarities you have to take into account when innovating in the public sector. After all, the public sector is bound by procurement law and the state aid framework. Civil servants also work within a political-administrative environment.

In this session you will hear: how to deal with this and how to set up the innovation process as attractively as possible - within the agreed ground rules - for all parties involved. The starting point will be to start with sharper questions and to have an open mind to all solutions and all entrepreneurs who can contribute. In addition, you will hear about a practical step-by-step plan from PIANOo. This can be used when setting up an innovation-oriented (procurement) process to obtain digital innovations, such as AI and blockchain technology.

Broad innovation issues

The Utrecht Economic Board would like to discuss how to bring together the different speeds of government, business, knowledge institutions and citizens on broad innovation issues?


The whole world is going digital! In every domain area, new technology is going to play a significant role, indeed.....existing companies are being threatened and sometimes even challenged and disrupted by tech startups. So companies need to create awareness and then act by starting to experiment with artificial intelligence, blockchain, internet of things, robotics, data-mining, machine learning or virtual reality, among others, and start experiencing what this can bring them. Where are we headed? Companies and organizations must become "data driven" or they won't make it. A data-digital-discussion with a game leader.

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