Cameras everywhere in Smart City Almere


By deploying public cameras, Almere maintains order and safety in a sustainable way. Jaap Kroese walked past these cameras with a group of Growing Green participants on Tuesday, Nov. 19.


From the Kustlinie Almere Flevoland (KAF), the group walked through the city center to the Camera Station. Meanwhile, some of the camera points were pointed out.


Video content analysis

Kroese, Account Manager of Camera Surveillance for the Municipality of Almere, said there are about one hundred and forty cameras in the city. The addition of video content analysis (VCA) allows people to see more quickly when an unsafe situation occurs.

This makes the situation more manageable and allows a good estimate of how much manpower is needed to intervene.


Smart city

In the Camera Control Center, a brief presentation was given on all the possibilities of deploying the cameras. On a lamppost, for example, other sensors can be added that send their data to the Smart City's "City Cockpit." This allows better monitoring of safety, mobility, crowd management, particulate matter and noise measurements.


Participants were enthusiastic about the innovations within the smart city of Almere. Will SCC be expanded? How smart is the city becoming? One thing is certain: the Smart City is evolving.

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