' How to handle data? '
' How do I get insight into that data? '
' And how do I create or improve processes with these data?'

This IT-Circle Event took place at the Jheronimus Academy for Data Science (JADS) in Den Bosch, the ultimate location to discuss how and why data is becoming increasingly important for organizations.
All visitors during this day agreed: Data ís a businsess driver. A fact probably clear prior to this Data Science event, but that fact was validated by sound and strong practical examples.
Presenters on this theme were our members NXP, CBS, Vanderlande and Arjan van den Born, professor and academic director of JADS.

CBS showed us how statistics in the 21st century form the basis for strong and fast (predictive) analyses. We saw some great examples on what can be done with this information and how to use the information to better research and make solid business decisions.

Vanderlande shared with us how data can be used to increase baggage capacity at airports on the basis of Condition Based Maintenance. Next to that they are constantly looking for improvements in customer satisfaction and efficiency in their Digital Transformation journey.

NXP focused on the importance of activating your internal organization, enabling to do more with the wealth of data that your organization possesses. Not only through good process design, but also the enthusiasm of your Data / BI-team seems equally important to prepare your (internal) customers for success!

From a scientific approach, Prof. Van den Born used practical examples, in which the message: "Ask the right question" is vital, this argument might seem obvious, but too often still proves to be the source of incorrect analyses or solution directions.


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Breakout Sessions ICE Data as a Business Driver

Colin van Lieshout – Co founder – SODA (Social Data Science)
'Predict the world of tomorrow with Data Science'

SODA strives to solve social challenges through data science, using data analysis, machine learning and data visualization. We still have a lot of opportunities left unused and take few decisions based on careful analysis of facts. What knowledge is needed to convert data to useful information?

Barteld Braaksma – Innovation Manager – CBS
'Statistics in the 21st century, treasured data'

The CBS has a huge collection of data. By combining and analyzing these data in new ways, detailed questions can be answered quickly.
In this presentation we saw how governments, companies and academics can use this wealth of data for change.


Harm Bodewes – Manager Data Analytics – Vanderlande
'Possibilities of data in the airport industry '

Digitilization has been deployed a number of years ago within Vanderlande, where data is a major asset for customers.
This presentation focused on aspects such as: what possibilities does digital transformation offer? And increasing capacity by using Data Science/Condition Based Maintenance.


Anne van Hal – Enterprise BI & Analytics – NXP
'How did NXP organize to setup for success'

How did NXP organize the enterprise Business Intelligence group? And how are processes designed to prepare internal customers for success? This presentation gave insight into the vision of and the organization within NXP.


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