Security by design - the building blocks for success

<em class='date'>13</em><em class='month'>apr</em><em class='time'>14:30</em><em class='time'>16:30</em>Security by design - the building blocks for success

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Wednesday, April 13, we take a closer look at an important cyber security topic: security by design (aka Shift Left). 

With security by design you guarantee secure software development in the design process - it sounds simple, but in practice this proves to be very difficult. Security by design has become a hot topic for a reason: the increasingly strict requirements in the GDPR, AVG and the new ISO standards (27002) force organizations to organize their security processes in software development differently. Especially for organizations that work agile, this turns out to be a big challenge: how do you professionalize agile teams in such a way that they have sufficient knowledge and skills to include security in the design? What other conditions must both a software development team and the software itself meet? And how do you create support for this? This session is a must for every security expert! Sign up through your organization's Community Officer.


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(Wednesday) 2:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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