Webinar Data & Boundaries - Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2021

Data sharing, how do you define the boundary?

There is a lot of data that, when shared, offers a lot of opportunities. Consider the opportunities of open data that are better utilized when municipalities and governments start sharing data to address a societal task or policy issue with partners. And cloud computing, Big Data, AI and IoT are being developed to maximize efficiency, enable scale and realize new services.

We learned more about this during Dataweek NL in our session Data & Boundaries.

- Where are the boundaries?
- How do you organize your data governance?
- What data is being deployed?
- What is the purpose and is this data always correct?
- Where do we store the data?

During this afternoon we went deeper into data sharing, what can and cannot be done, where are the boundaries, how do you look for them? What is relevant and how do you apply this practically? What are the legal and ethical frameworks and how does your organization view them? What is the data governance of your organization? Storing data within the EU?

Led by Norbert Derickx (IT Circle Netherlands), we discussed this issue in the plenary session with Inez Joung, CDO at RIVM, Teus Kappen, CSIO/ CRIO at UMC Utrecht and Gerjan van Schaijk, DPO at UWV.

If you would like to receive the presentations from the breakout sessions, please let us know by sending a message to info@itcircle-nederland.nl


Did you miss the webinar or want to watch it back? Click over here to open the video. 

Some learnings we share from the various sessions:

👉 Be transparent in sharing data: make clear terms for sharing and document these agreements.
👉 Organizing trust is crucial to secure data sharing.
👉 Establish ethical guidelines internally, discuss and confirm them with your organization's top management
👉 Create even more awareness and urgency about data storage within the EU - ensure our independence!
👉 Start with yourself and take responsibility as an organization.
👉 Think carefully about what you want to do with data and why? What will you do with it and what is the purpose?

If you would like to receive the presentations from the breakout sessions, please let us know by sending us a message at info@itcircle-nederland.nl.

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